It’s about to get spooky! The Halloween season is again upon us. Our senior loved ones residing in assisted living communities sure would have plenty of stories to tell about Halloween during their time. Let’s not break tradition now. Here are 7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Assisted Living.


How to Celebrate Halloween in Assisted Living

This year, we’ve compiled a list of seven fun ways to celebrate Halloween in assisted living communities.


1. Decorate the Space

Let the community feel the spookiness by decorating the space. You can start by asking residents to craft little bats or any Halloween ornament you can hang around. This is a fun activity to do and also good exercise for your residents.


2. Host a Costume Contest

For residents who are in the Halloween cheers, open a costume contest (optional). You can have your assisted living resident partner up with their loved ones or friends to make it more fun. For prizes, you can think of a fun and unique thing to give – it can be Halloween related or a silly trophy.


3. Schedule a Scary Movie Night

Scary movies aren’t for the faint of heart (literally and figuratively), but it’s still a good idea, especially in the Halloween season. Schedule a scary movie night for residents who want to watch. You can also post for their favorites and recommendations for movie selection. Comedy horrors are always a good idea, especially when you watch it together.


4. Trick and Treat

Invite your resident’s children and grandchildren to visit during your Halloween celebration. There’s nothing better than seeing your resident’s happy and giddy in the presence of their families. Stock up on your candies and treats for the little ones and ask them to wear their favorite costumes as well.


5. Create Halloween crafts together

Making Halloween crafts is both fun and therapeutic especially for our senior loved ones. It gives them the satisfaction of crafting something that can be used as decoration that is the goal of the whole Halloween spirit. You can assist them while doing so creating not only crafts but stronger bonds as well.


6. Halloween recipes with a twist

Candy is a huge part of Halloween since time immemorial, but since your residents are on strict diets, they probably shouldn’t partake. But don’t worry; you still can make Halloween treats that are healthy and delicious. Research on Halloween recipes online you can make to substitute all the sugars that are within the doctor’s dietary recommendations.


7. Storytime

Ways on how we celebrate Halloween may vary over the years, but one thing will always remain. Sharing funny and scary stories are one way of reliving the good times. And your senior residents will always have one or two favorite memories to share.

You can also ask them or guide the storytelling by asking questions and experiences they’ve had involving the paranormal or any strange activities they’ve seen or heard. You can also come prepared with books and a few scary stories of yours to share.

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